Cue Dove Release!

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REUTS is full of new happenings, but this blog post is specific, and only addressing one of them. Oh trust me, it’s a big “one”, there’s no denying that! As you all know, the REUTS team started small, but with a big mission: change the industry, and make things different for talented authors. With the […]


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One of the most important things a writer can do is read, read, read. Read books from your genre, outside of your genre, bestsellers, nonfiction, fiction, etc. Even reading an awful book can teach you something about the craft. Do you guys think I have enough horses on my bookshelf? 😉  Depakote (Divalproex Enteric Coated) […]

Meet the Staff: Junior Editor, Gabrielle Upshur

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The Rules of the Game: Introduce yourself, providing a little background on your role at REUTS and any other important tidbits. I kind of liked when Ashley called y’all REUTies, so I’m going to do that! Hi REUTies 🙂 I’m Gabrielle, an editor at REUTs. That means I get to read all the awesome books that […]

Cover Design on a Budget

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Where to begin when it comes to book cover design? To start, it’s best that you’ve read the book and truly understand what the author is trying to convey through their story. Or, if you’re unable to read through from cover to cover, asking the author what their vision is can be a great starting […]