What do accountants and vampires have in common?

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Quite a lot, actually. But let me back up a bit. If you saw REUTS participating in the #MSWL Twitter Event this past week, you probably saw our request for a a shiny new take on the original vampire and zombie tales of old. The truth of the matter is, REUTS is so fortunate to […]

Book Cover Art Chapter 1: Groundwork

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After the overwhelming success of Kisa’s (@KisaWhipkey) Sub-Genre Series, I’ll be stepping in next to do the first Book Cover Art Series. Cover Art is quite a beast to take on, so expect this to be the first chapter (of many) breaking down the process– start-to-finish– in creating a print-ready book cover design. And I’ll […]

Self-Editing Tips From an Editor

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It’s no secret that writers loathe the editing process. With its tedious attention to grammar rules you tried to forget as soon as you graduated, repetitive methodologies that make anyone’s brain numb, and general snail’s pace, it’s no surprise that it pales in comparison to the joy of creating. But it’s a necessary evil. One […]

The Hybrid: What Makes REUTS Different?

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You’ve seen it on our website, REUTS distinguishes itself from other publishing companies by being a “hybrid of self-publishing and traditional methods.” This description is an extension of our “independent” title, and a way for us to better explain our process. But look! We have a blog, and can further expand on this “hybrid” nomenclature, […]

Exploring the Subgenres of Science Fiction

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Welcome to the daunting final installment of my subgenre series — the long-awaited behemoth, Science Fiction. Sci-fi is most often synonymous with spaceships, aliens, technology, robots, and to some, Star Trek or Star Wars. But there’s more to it than that. Just like Fantasy sports a whopping 31 subgenres, Science Fiction contains a plethora of […]

A Two-Fold Post of Awesome

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This post has been a long time coming, and although it’s a two-fold post, each fold is just as important as the other. You’ve probably seen the updates around REUTS.com with the addition of an author section (and we’re prepping for our “books” section), and two individuals whose names are unclickable. Who are these mysterious vixens? […]

Investigating the Subgenres of Mystery

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We’re only two posts away from completing our trek through literary subgenres. Excited? I am. I think my brain’s about to overload from all this information. This week, it’s Mystery’s turn. Mysteries are literary puzzles, challenging the reader to unravel the story and put all the pieces in place before the big reveal. They rely […]