Pre-Order Echoes of Balance by Cally Ryanne!

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In conjunction with Black Friday, and the holiday season, we’ve begun our first Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sale! Pre-order Echoes of Balance by Cally Ryanne TODAY, and have it electronically or physically on your doorstep for its December 17th release. Take the worry and wait out of your equation, and start reading as soon as […]

Marketing Monday: How to Take a Kick@$$ Do it Yourself Author Photo

Think THIS. NOT this. I feel like I’ve had this conversation with my PR/marketing clients (and myself) at least a million times: Me: “You need a new author photo.” Author: “Why? The one I’ve been using is a perfectly good photo of me.” Me: “Yes, it’s a great photo of you. But it’s a posed shot taken at […]

Project REUTSway Challenge #4: Shifty Stories to Read in the Dark

Challenge #4: Shifty Stories to Read in the Dark Dates: 11/24 – 12/2 Submission Deadline: 11/29 at 11:59pm EST – *due to the US Thanksgiving holiday, the usual submission window has been extended!* Category: YA / NA Story Basis: Any “classic” fairy tale (Grimm Brothers, Hans Christen Andersen, Disney, etc.) – you can play with […]

Project REUTSway Challenge #3: Fairy Tales From Hell – Introducing, This Week’s TOP LOOKS!

Thank you to all who participated in the third challenge of Project REUTSway 2013! With your help, we’ve gotten to the point where we don’t even want to TELL people what our collective word count is, because we’re making the other NaNoWrimo groups look bad. (Psst, it’s well over 700,000 by now.) BUT WAIT. We’re not […]


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What is spiREUTS, you ask? Our fantastic Twitter followers dubbed the creation of writer/REUTS related cocktails as spiREUTS, an insanely clever play on the REUTS name and “spirits”. Birthed from this moniker, REUTS author Drew Hayes took it upon himself to create four author inspired cocktails (which he had the unfortunate task of tasting along the […]

Top 5 Innovative Vampire Novels

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Being a vampire novelist myself, I tend to gravitate towards those types of stories in my reading free time. About a year ago I was asked to put together my top five most innovative vampire novels. I recently stumbled upon that post, and have decided to syndicate it to see if you agree or disagree […]

Marketing Monday: The Art of the Press Release

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the inner-workings of the publicity business, 90% of the time new authors are put in charge of writing their own press releases. Even if you do eventually end up reaching the level of success where you can hire someone to do it for you, it’s actually STILL […]

Project REUTSway Challenge #3: Fairy Tales from Hell

Challenge #3: Fairy Tales from Hell Dates: 11/17 – 11/23 Submission Deadline: 11/21 at 11:59pm EST Due to technical difficulties, the VIP Alert did not send this week, and the Challenge 3 Submission Deadline has been extended to 11/22 at 9:00am EST. Category: YA / NA Story Basis: Any “classic” fairy tale (Grimm Brothers, Hans Christen […]

Project REUTSway Challenge #2: The Ugly Dead – Introducing, this week’s TOP LOOKS!

Thank you to all who participated in the second challenge of Project REUTSway 2013! With your help, we managed to hit 400,000 words in less than 14 days and effectively, collectively DESTROY NaNoWriMo’s word count requirement. BUT WAIT. We’re not going to stop there, oh no. We’re going to keep RIGHT ON running with all of this fabulous creativity, […]

Marketing Monday: Tumblr Toward a Bigger Readership

Dear REUTS fans, Due to the epic and FABULOUS craziness that is Project REUTSway (and also Pitch Wars, which I am mentoring next month), I must admit that I completely lost track of this week’s original Marketing Monday post. (Feel free to mock me via all social media platforms. Seriously. I deserve it.) In lieu […]