Marketing Monday: Are You Re(market)able?

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  Your marketing plans need to cause a reaction. If you are an author the desired goal is likely for someone to read your book. This topic was inspired by a reader request for a resource guide, and before this riveting read becomes too repetitive with it’s r’s let’s tackle the topic. The first question […]

Marketing Monday | Be The Meme

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Last week, we talked about targeted marketing, this week let’s discuss if you are just making noise or actually hitting your mark. I said before that Tumblr is very anti-ad, and that resistance allows us to study why some ads aren’t cutting it. “The youth” is really aware of when you are trying to pander. […]

Marketing Monday – Know thyself, Market thyself

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I’m back with a freshly brewed cup of Marketing Monday! Today, I want to talk about something that will help writers at all stages. When I started seriously writing I wondered why it seemed like no one was taking me as seriously as I was. Then I stopped and looked at my own buying and […]

Marketing Monday: 3 Rules for talking to book bloggers

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Hello, if you don’t know me, my name is Tiffany Rose. I’ve been with REUTS for a long while now, and mostly have been in the background, (because that’s where the best coffee is) but I’m excited to take over Marketing Monday. So, get that coffee brewing because we are going to talk blogs! The […]