Adventures in the Slush Pile: 8/31/15 Edition

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  As August comes to an end and September looms, transitions are on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Kids go back to school, leaves start to fall, the scorching heat of summer gives way to pleasantly cool breezes and stormy nights, and another batch of post-its shifts into the overdue pile on my Infamous Wall […]

Adventures in the Slush Pile: 8/17/15 Edition

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Queries. Pitches. Synopses. Three words that strike fear into every author’s heart. And rightfully so — selling your book to an agent or editor depends on your ability to encapsulate your story’s heart into a few simple sentences. For most people, that’s a nearly impossible challenge. But perhaps if we look at why this practice is necessary, it will […]

Adventures in the Slush Pile

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Welcome to the newest addition to the REUTS blog! As you well know, the staff of REUTS Publications believes in transparency, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than finding new and creative ways to offer authors insight/advice on navigating the murky depths of the publishing industry. We’re certainly not the only ones with this philosophy, […]

Excuse Our Dust; We’re Evolving

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  As some of you may or may not know, the REUTS blog is tended by many of our staff, which is why we usually stick to the royal “we,” writing on topics from the stance of a company rather than an individual. Today, I’m breaking that mold. Hi! **waves** I’m Kisa Whipkey. Most of you […]

PSA: Website Outage and Who We Are

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[Please note, this is an old post and the website is back up and running:] Hello! We’re glad you found us. As you may have noticed, our website ( has been inexplicably whisked away by the internet demons. But fear not, we’ve donned our armor and weapons and are avidly hunting those pesky critters […]