Book Cover Art Chapter 3: Mocking up the Mock-Ups

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I’m going to preface this week’s blog post in the Book Cover Art Series by saying the inspiration fairy is an interesting critter who sometimes decides to hide away at the most inopportune times. In the case of this week’s post, I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to get it done in time. With […]

Book Cover Art Chapter 2: Info Dump to Brainstroming

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And we’re back, for another installment of the REUTS Book Cover Art Series. Following Chapter 1: Groundwork‘s success, we’re moving into more of the meat of Book Cover Art design– and by meat we’re referring to charcuterie board type appetizer, because this definitely isn’t the main course! If you’re following the steps I denoted in Chapter […]

What do accountants and vampires have in common?

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Quite a lot, actually. But let me back up a bit. If you saw REUTS participating in the #MSWL Twitter Event this past week, you probably saw our request for a a shiny new take on the original vampire and zombie tales of old. The truth of the matter is, REUTS is so fortunate to […]

Book Cover Art Chapter 1: Groundwork

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After the overwhelming success of Kisa’s (@KisaWhipkey) Sub-Genre Series, I’ll be stepping in next to do the first Book Cover Art Series. Cover Art is quite a beast to take on, so expect this to be the first chapter (of many) breaking down the process– start-to-finish– in creating a print-ready book cover design. And I’ll […]

A Two-Fold Post of Awesome

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This post has been a long time coming, and although it’s a two-fold post, each fold is just as important as the other. You’ve probably seen the updates around with the addition of an author section (and we’re prepping for our “books” section), and two individuals whose names are unclickable. Who are these mysterious vixens? […]

An imaginative story is going to unfold before you…

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    A story that will plunge the you into Earth’s future, where humans with extraordinary abilities make all the rules– and one exceptional young girl defies them all to earn her freedom. This post has been delayed for some time, but we finally feel it’s appropriate to share the awesome news of a new acquisition […]

Cue Dove Release!

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REUTS is full of new happenings, but this blog post is specific, and only addressing one of them. Oh trust me, it’s a big “one”, there’s no denying that! As you all know, the REUTS team started small, but with a big mission: change the industry, and make things different for talented authors. With the […]

We’re pleased to introduce…

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As many of you know, REUTS is still in the baby phase of existence.  I mean, we’re only six months old! Can you believe it? We launched November of last year, and our team is small, but we’ve got a lot of awesome things going on behind the scenes. We’ve already held two giveaways, have doubled […]