Book Cover Art Chapter 2: Info Dump to Brainstroming

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And we’re back, for another installment of the REUTS Book Cover Art Series. Following Chapter 1: Groundwork‘s success, we’re moving into more of the meat of Book Cover Art design– and by meat we’re referring to charcuterie board type appetizer, because this definitely isn’t the main course! If you’re following the steps I denoted in Chapter […]

Book Cover Art Chapter 1: Groundwork

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After the overwhelming success of Kisa’s (@KisaWhipkey) Sub-Genre Series, I’ll be stepping in next to do the first Book Cover Art Series. Cover Art is quite a beast to take on, so expect this to be the first chapter (of many) breaking down the process– start-to-finish– in creating a print-ready book cover design. And I’ll […]

Exploring the Subgenres of Science Fiction

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Welcome to the daunting final installment of my subgenre series — the long-awaited behemoth, Science Fiction. Sci-fi is most often synonymous with spaceships, aliens, technology, robots, and to some, Star Trek or Star Wars. But there’s more to it than that. Just like Fantasy sports a whopping 31 subgenres, Science Fiction contains a plethora of […]

Investigating the Subgenres of Mystery

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We’re only two posts away from completing our trek through literary subgenres. Excited? I am. I think my brain’s about to overload from all this information. This week, it’s Mystery’s turn. Mysteries are literary puzzles, challenging the reader to unravel the story and put all the pieces in place before the big reveal. They rely […]

The Terrifying Subgenres of Horror

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Next up on our tour of literary genres is Horror. (Because of the plethora of subgenres Science Fiction features, I’ve decided to make it the finale of this series, so you’ll see it in about two more weeks.) A good Horror should unnerve, freak out and otherwise haunt you long after you finish it. Featuring […]

Distinguishing the Subgenres of General Fiction

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I know I promised you the subgenres of Science Fiction this week, but unforeseen schedule constraints meant that I had to postpone it. Again. But don’t worry, that behemoth of a post will surface before this series is done. I promise. Today, though, we’re going to tackle what’s known as “uncategorized fiction” or “General Fiction.” […]

Falling in Love With the Subgenres of Romance

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After the popularity of my post on the various subgenres of Fantasy, I decided it was unfair to leave authors of the other common genres in the dark. Categorizing your work is one of the most difficult parts of the process, and it’s easy to see why authors struggle. So if I can help by […]

Dark and Urban and Contemporary, Oh My! (Defining Fantasy Subgenres)

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I remember, back in the day, (nothing makes you feel old like starting a sentence with “back in the day”) Fantasy and Sci-fi were commonly known by only two genre names– Fantasy and Sci-fi. OK, maybe that’s not 100% accurate. There were probably a few subgenres, but those only really mattered if you were inside […]