The submission window is closing…

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The submission window is closing…

… temporarily, that is. In an attempt to be fair to our current submitters, we will be closing our submission window from April through August 2014. This means you have about two weeks to submit before the the form comes down. Since our inception, we’ve received hundreds of submissions, and many are still waiting to […]

Introducing…The Project REUTSway 2013 FINALISTS!!!

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First, we fed your blood thirst with “Bloody Ever After.” Then, we showed you the ugly side of death with “The Ugly Dead.” Then, we brought you to hell and back with “Fairy Tales from Hell.” And finally, we changed your perspective on happily ever after with “Shifty Stories to Read in the Dark.” Now, it’s time […]

Marketing Monday: Inspired by Pitch Wars

Learning how to pitch yourself is one of the most IMPORTANT skills you can cultivate as a writer. I might even go as far as to say it’s THE most important skill. Whether you’re un-agented, agented, signed, unsigned, indie or traditionally published with an impressive backlist under your belt. Hell, whether or not you’re even […]

Project REUTSway Challenge #4: Shifty Stories to Read in the Dark

Challenge #4: Shifty Stories to Read in the Dark Dates: 11/24 – 12/2 Submission Deadline: 11/29 at 11:59pm EST – *due to the US Thanksgiving holiday, the usual submission window has been extended!* Category: YA / NA Story Basis: Any “classic” fairy tale (Grimm Brothers, Hans Christen Andersen, Disney, etc.) – you can play with […]

Marketing Monday: The Art of the Press Release

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the inner-workings of the publicity business, 90% of the time new authors are put in charge of writing their own press releases. Even if you do eventually end up reaching the level of success where you can hire someone to do it for you, it’s actually STILL […]

Project REUTSway Challenge #3: Fairy Tales from Hell

Challenge #3: Fairy Tales from Hell Dates: 11/17 – 11/23 Submission Deadline: 11/21 at 11:59pm EST Due to technical difficulties, the VIP Alert did not send this week, and the Challenge 3 Submission Deadline has been extended to 11/22 at 9:00am EST. Category: YA / NA Story Basis: Any “classic” fairy tale (Grimm Brothers, Hans Christen […]

Project REUTSway Challenge #2: The Ugly Dead – Introducing, this week’s TOP LOOKS!

Thank you to all who participated in the second challenge of Project REUTSway 2013! With your help, we managed to hit 400,000 words in less than 14 days and effectively, collectively DESTROY NaNoWriMo’s word count requirement. BUT WAIT. We’re not going to stop there, oh no. We’re going to keep RIGHT ON running with all of this fabulous creativity, […]

Project REUTSway – Challenge #2: The Ugly Dead

Challenge #2 Theme: The Ugly Dead Dates: 11/10 – 11/16 Submission Deadline: 11/14 at 11:59pm EST Category: YA or NA only please, no MG or Adult Story Basis: Any “classic” fairy tale (Grimm Brothers, Hans Christen Andersen, Disney, etc.) Genre(s): Paranormal / Contemporary / Historical / Humor / Romance / Any combination thereof Theme of the […]

Project REUTSway – Challenge #1: Bloody Ever After

Challenge #1 Theme: Bloody Ever After Dates: 11/3 – 11/9 Challenge #1 Submission Deadline: 11/7 at 11:59pm EST Plot Basis: Any classic fairy tale, as explained in the original Project REUTSway competition post Category: YA / NA Genre(s): Paranormal / Contemporary / Historical / Open Theme of the Week: Anything relating to Vampires, Revenants, Chupacabras, Cannibals […]


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This page is no longer up-to-date. Please check our new FAQs, here. Is there a minimum age to publish with REUTS? Absolutely not! A minimum age would put a restriction on the talent we receive. Can you live outside of the United States and publish with REUTS? We have a global team, and global authors– that’s the beauty […]