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This page is no longer up-to-date. Please check our new FAQs, here.

Is there a minimum age to publish with REUTS?

  • Absolutely not! A minimum age would put a restriction on the talent we receive.

Can you live outside of the United States and publish with REUTS?

  • We have a global team, and global authors– that’s the beauty of REUTS as an online-based business. Help us diversify our collection by submitting if you live overseas!

Does REUTS distribute globally?

  • Yes! We distribute everywhere we can through the Lightening Source, LCC. distribution system (which uses Ingram, and includes electronic distribution). And, at the very least, readers from overseas are more than welcome to purchase directly through the REUTS.com website, for both print and electronic copies.

Does REUTS publish series/trilogies/etc…?

  • We’d love to publish multiple books within the same story, however, we don’t require that you publish all follow-up novels through REUTS, should we publish the debut.

Will REUTS accept unfinished manuscripts?

  • This is a big maybe with our team. If you’re planning on submitting an unfinished manuscript, you should, at the very least, have a synopsis outlined, and know what will happen to end or conclude the story. We prefer that you submit with at least 20,000 words already written, and that your manuscript sample is the best quality possible, as we’re more critical of unfinished manuscripts than those that are already complete.

Will REUTS publish a previously published novel?

  • This is another gray area. We’ll be most likely to publish a previously published novel if we express interest in the sequel to said previously published novel. Please do not submit a previously published novel to REUTS if you do not have the publishing rights to it (e.g. the original publisher still maintains publishing rights for x remaining years.) In addition, along with your submission, please explain your reasons for seeking new representation, as well as any sales or demographic information you might have.

How much help do I really get from REUTS?

  • The short answer: as much as we can possibly offer! There’s no way anyone from our team is going to leave you high and dry– in fact, we’re more likely to go above and beyond the norm. We’ve strategically built our team around our strengths: the designers actually work full-time in the design industry, the editors run their own freelance businesses, and marketing experience has been built upon our own personal quests and education with the different social media outlets. We’ll do everything we can to help make your book successful. Working with REUTS is definitely a partnership, in that we hope you’re interested in helping with some of the marketing too. People want to hear from you, the author, not the people behind the scenes 🙂

Can we re-query REUTS if you’ve passed on our manuscript the first time?

  • Yes! And we encourage you to do so. If you’ve taken the time to go through and improve your manuscript, by all means, please re-query us! Just make sure you note that you’re resending your manuscript for consideration somewhere within your cover letter.

Do you really read through all the submissions?

  • Believe it or not, we really do. It’s one of the reasons we’re unable to get back to you right away. A submission is read by multiple REUTS team members (The Acquisitions Team), and then discussed.

Can we submit multiple queries at once (for two different manuscripts)?

  • Sure! Though it’s more likely we’ll accept one manuscript at first. Please keep in mind it’ll take us a little bit to get to both submissions.

Do you accept queries for genres other than those listed on the Submissions page?

  • We accept all genres, as long as your manuscript falls within the YA/NA age category. Those listed on our submissions page are simply the ones our team tends to read in their spare time (which, who has spare time anymore?!) If you have any doubts about whether or not your genre would fit within our collection, feel free to contact us before querying: submissions@reuts.com

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