Marketing Monday: CONTENT. Do you even HAVE it, bro?

Disclaimer: Much like Tyrion Lannister, today’s Marketing Monday post will be short and very blunt.

(Prepare to get kingslapped with knowledge, interwebs!)

In today’s saturated online landscape, there is only ONE thing that will put you head and shoulders above your competition: Content.

Seriously, you guys–clear, reliable, quality CONTENT.

That’s it. That’s the secret. Continual product. Otherwise, your target market will eventually get tired of waiting for the next product, and they’ll move on.

Having a hard time thinking of your beloved book as a product? I know, it’s totally harsh. But so, so true.

Think about it this way: maybe you’re a baker. Like, you are really good at baking wedding cakes. It’s a gift you were born with, blessed by the pastry gods. The first cake you bake is scrumptious, amazing. The couple you make it for is thrilled. Everyone at the wedding is raving. But then the party ends, and everyone goes home. Some of the guests will remember that awesome cake, and go looking for your information. They’ll want to see what other kind of stuff you know how to make. If you’re lucky, they might even want to hire you to make a cake for them.

But whoops, it took you so long to make the first cake that you’re not really sure  you want to dive right in and start making another one. Heck, you just finished pouring your heart and soul into that last cake, and you’re tired. Maybe you’re not even sure if you can do it again. So you put it off, and eventually, people stop asking for a taste. They forget about you. Until one day, you feel like baking another cake and no one is around to try it. And you have ALL the sads.

Yes, I realize that was a terrible, terrible example. (Unless you like Cake Boss, then it’s an AMAZING example.)


So. (Ahem) What does this mean for you? How about if I just tell you, and skip the analogies from now on, eh?

If you’re a book blogger, post a lot of book reviews on your blog. Do it frequently, and do it well.

If you’re a journalist, you need to keep writing articles. Otherwise your portfolio will gather dust, and no one will want to hire you.

If you’re an author, you need to write a lot of books. Sorry guys, but that’s the way it is. Sure, it’s difficult. Sure, it’s an extremely demanding existence. But today’s consumer is demanding and fickle at the same time and–with a handful of exceptions, like us die-hard George R.R. Martin fans–they don’t want to wait more than a year to find out what else you’ve got up your sleeve.


So how do you do this? How do you ensure that you’ve got enough content to satisfy not only your current fans, but potential future fans on top of that?

First of all, you write. A lot. And you keep writing. Even if you think it’s terrible. Because that’s not just the best way to produce a ton of content, it’s also how you get better.

Tune in next week for (much, much) more helpful tips on how to create clear, reliable, quality content! (I promise, it’s not as difficult as it seems!)

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