Meet the Staff: Designer, Social Media Manager Veronica Zhu

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The Rules of the Game: Introduce yourself, providing a little background on your role at REUTS and any other important tidbits.

Heya REUTies! I’m Veronica. If you’ve been with us for a while you’ve probably seen me yacking on Twitter or Facebook the past few weeks since I snuggled into my position as Social Media Manager/Designer. My job here, in addition to helping Ashley out with any extra design-y bits, is to attract new followers to REUTS social media and interact with our existing followers (Please don’t hesitate to make my job easier by spread the word! ;P )

Outside of REUTS, I’m a freelance graphic designer working mainly with a NY based book publicity firm on book covers, press releases, and social media assets. Since graduating college, I’ve also done some design work for various publishers including Random House and Skyhorse Publishing.

Even though Jessica was tagged to go next, Ashley is having me step in for now while Jess goes through some exciting life changes. So here I go!


Post a photo of yourself:

Trying on hats at the Mainstreet Emporium in Disneyland last year.

Trying on hats at the Mainstreet Emporium in Disneyland last year.


Post eleven random facts about yourself.

1. I didn’t learn to read English until the second grade, but once I started there was no stopping me!

2. I’ve visited China almost every summer since I was 5 years old, as a result I speak Mandarin fluently…unfortunately I never really learned to read or write Chinese.

3. The first book I remember not being able to put down was Pipi Longstocking.

4. I’ve always loved history, especially ancient history and medieval times. Which I think is what led me to #5

5.  I was on my high school’s varsity fencing team for the 4 years I was there. I wasn’t particularly great at it but I loved it and now I know how to accurately write a swashbuckling scene!

6. I’m a loyal, hardworking Hufflepuff till the end!

7. I still have a hard time convincing myself that Sirius Black is dead.

8.  I didn’t get my driver’s license until this year.

9. My family’s nickname for me is BeiTu which means white rabbit in Chinese.

10.  Whenever possible I prefer to write by hand rather than type…for some reason it helps me think better.

11. My personality as described through “My Little Pony” ponies would be “FlutterPie” (a mix between Fluttershy and Pinkiepie)


Answer the questions given to you by the tagger’s post, and then create 11 new questions and tag someone else to answer them.

1. Did you have a pet growing up? What was its name?
I finally convinced my parents to get me a dog when I was 9. We adopted Ginger, a Golden Retriever, German shepherd mix, from the local animal shelter.

2. What is your favorite type of flower?
For looks I like lily of the valley, but based on scent I love osthmanthus!

3. In your opinion, what is the weirdest animal?
The animal kingdom is just too vast and strange to pick the weirdest but  I think the Axolotl is pretty high up there both in terms of name and appearance (Kind of looks like a Mudkip in my opinion xD)

4. What is your dream car?
A VW Bug xD kind of cliché I know but I can’t help it, it’s always been my dream car.

5. What is a topic that you’re an expert on? Give a cool fact about it.
I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in anything really, but I am extremely interested in medieval European history. In medieval Europe (up until the 18th century) animals, usually domestic, were put on trial for crimes (including murder, property damage, and satanic acts), provided with lawyers and executed if they were deemed guilty.

6. Rock music or pop?
If I had to pick I think I would go with rock, but I don’t really have a preference, I’ve heard songs I’ve liked and disliked in both genres.

7. Have you ever ridden a horse/pony? Did you like it?
They had a little guided horse riding trail at the resort where my dad’s work had their annual picnics. For $20 they let you ride through the woods in a single file line for half an hour, never got to go faster than a slow trot, but I loved it!

8. What’s your favorite YouTube video?
I’m a bit of a YouTube fiend so I’m having a really hard time picking, but I never get tired of this one no matter how many times I watch it:

9. What’s the last website in your browser history?
Facebook >.>

10. What’s the last song you listened to?
Everything at Once by Lenka

11. Do you try to bite jawbreakers?
I’ve never been a big fan of jawbreakers, I think I’ve only had two in my life and I don’t remember how I went about them…but I bite hard candies so I imagine I would.


Questions for JESSICA OR ANY NEW ADDITIONS TO THE REUTS TEAM  *wink wink nudge nudge*

1. If you could learn how to do one thing instantly, what would you want to learn?

2. What’s a strange food that you like?

3. If you could live the life of a fictional character (in their world) for one day, what character would you pick?

4. If you met a genie, what 3 wishes would you make?

5. Mac or PC?

6. How do you like to deal with writer’s block?

7. What song can’t you get out of your head right now?

8. What’s your most visited website?

9. What’s one thing you are determined to do in your lifetime?

10. Based on your personality what animal are you most like? Why?

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