Falling in Love With the Subgenres of Romance

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After the popularity of my post on the various subgenres of Fantasy, I decided it was unfair to leave authors of the other common genres in the dark. Categorizing your work is one of the most difficult parts of the process, and it’s easy to see why authors struggle. So if I can help by […]

Dark and Urban and Contemporary, Oh My! (Defining Fantasy Subgenres)

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I remember, back in the day, (nothing makes you feel old like starting a sentence with “back in the day”) Fantasy and Sci-fi were commonly known by only two genre names– Fantasy and Sci-fi. OK, maybe that’s not 100% accurate. There were probably a few subgenres, but those only really mattered if you were inside […]

How to Write Martial Arts Fight Scenes

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Fight scenes. Whether live action or written, they can be such a pain to pull off, falling all too easily into the realm of cheesy. You know the ones I mean; we’ve all seen and read them– fight scenes where the creator was more focused on what looks cool and/or badass, and less so on […]

RCNTC: The Results

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We’re overjoyed at the amount of participation the REUTS Camp Nano Team Competition received, and it’s about time we give out some prizes. First, a congratulations to all those who met their personal goal, regardless what you set for yourself this time. The REUTS team couldn’t believe some of the Word Count numbers people were sending […]

An imaginative story is going to unfold before you…

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    A story that will plunge the you into Earth’s future, where humans with extraordinary abilities make all the rules– and one exceptional young girl defies them all to earn her freedom. This post has been delayed for some time, but we finally feel it’s appropriate to share the awesome news of a new acquisition […]

RCNTC Team Prize

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You all know the prize if your team has the highest word count is a drafting journal, ready for you to fill its pages with the next best seller! But, what you don’t know is how it looks. Have no fear! We’ve got it all figured out, and are ready to reveal the journal cover […]

Meet the Staff: Acquisitions Dir. Jessica McQuay!

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The Rules of the Game: Introduce yourself, providing a little background on your role at REUTS and any other important tidbits. Hi REUTies! My name is Jessica McQuay and I am the Acquisitions Director here at REUTS. I’m not so great at talking about myself, so I’ll stick to the basics and try not to […]

REUTS Camp Nano Teams!!

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It’s time, REUTIES! Time to find your team, and start reporting. You’ll see we’ve split everyone into fairly even teams based on genre, and assigned you to a REUTS team member who is writing, or familiar with, that genre. Reporting each week is easy. Every Sunday simply email nano@reuts.com your current word count with your Team Leader’s Name […]

REUTS Publication Camp Nano Teams – The Low Down

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Today is July 1st! The beginning of Camp Nano, and the inaugural REUTS Camp Nano Team Competition! RCNTC, for short… which really isn’t any shorter… As promised in last week’s first, official (non-blog) newsletter, here’s all the information you need if you’ve signed up to participate. And if you happened to miss the announcement, sign up for receive […]


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This page is no longer up-to-date. Please check our new FAQs, here. Is there a minimum age to publish with REUTS? Absolutely not! A minimum age would put a restriction on the talent we receive. Can you live outside of the United States and publish with REUTS? We have a global team, and global authors– that’s the beauty […]