What Editors Look For: Character Development

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What Editors Look for: Character Progression Do you want to be the exact same person at the end of your life as you were at the beginning? Do you want everyone you know to stay exactly as they are and never change? No? I should hope not. People should change and grow. And so should […]

What Editors Look For: Chapter One

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I’m pretty sure that somewhere out there is a book written entirely about crafting your novel’s first chapter. It’s a science and an art form at the same time, and it never gets any easier, no matter how many books you write. With your first chapter, you have to paint a picture of a world […]

What Editors Look For: Mechanics

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If you know what someone wants, it becomes that much easier to give it to her. Outside of genre and word length preferences, editors look for some basic things in a manuscript that’s been submitted to them. One of those things is good grammar and spelling. Never underestimate the power of a good, aesthetically pleasing […]

Divorce Your Words; Save Your Story

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Revision. For many writers, I may as well have said Root Canal. They dread it like they do a jury duty summons. They know it’s necessary but hate every second of it. I’m not one of those writers. Revision is actually my favorite part. There’s something so satisfying in tearing apart a story to reassemble […]

What’s in a name?

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That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.   We often get the question, “What the heck is a REUTS? To REUTS? Have REUTS? Seriously, what the heck?!” Ok, maybe not exactly stated like that. But we still get the question on a frequent basis wondering how a name like […]

The Word Count Paradigm

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Don’t run away upon the first sight of a 50,000 word minimum, such as what we require here at REUTS. While the word count your word processor provides you with is correct, it’s not exactly what most publishers are looking for– including us. In essence, a publisher is looking for how long a book would end up […]