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The time has come (finally, right?) where we’ve made our decision, and are happy (overjoyed, even) to announce the finalists and runner-ups for REUTS’ inaugural Project REUTSway competition. It has been a LONG time coming. You stuck around during our bout of bloodlust, attempts to live after death, journey to Hell and back, and wild bodily transformations (most of which we blame puberty for). You took us ABOVE and BEYOND to 50,000 NaNoWriMo word count goal, and kept the REUTS team busy with your fascinating stories.

(Why is she stalling?)

I’m not stalling! I just wanted to be sure you all felt properly thanked for all the time and effort you put forth! It’s been a blasty-blast, and something we’ll likely do again in the future. All thanks to you!


So, let’s get this show on the road! The Project REUTSway finalists and their stories are…

(No particular order— this does not reflect the final arrangement in the anthology)


Challenge 1: Bloody Ever After 


Prodigy by Phil Stamper (Three Army Surgeons)

Down With the Ship by Drew Hayes (Peter Pan)

Beauty Eternal by Summer Wier  (Snow White)

Charlie’s Girl by Madeleine Lee (The Princess and the Pea)

Match Girl by Meg Faulkner (The Little Match Girl)

As Red as Blood by Tiffany Rose  (Snow White)

Windwalker by C.L. Denault (Rumplestiltskin)


Challenge 2: The Ugly Dead 


Beautiful Nightmare by Sam Hardy  (Cinderella)

The Wolf in the Woods by Drew Hayes (Little Red Riding Hood)

Deadman’s Ball by Debra Vega  (Cinderella)

Undead Soles by Summer Wier  (The Elves and the Shoemaker)

Sweetheart Ronin by Suzanne Morgen (Sweetheart Roland)

Comedy and Tragedy by Jessica Dall (The Little Mermaid)


Challenge 3: Fairy Tales from Hell 


Fool’s Errand by Drew Hayes (Rumpelstiltskin)

Forever Jupiter Sky by CC Dowling  (The Pied Piper)

Dark Wolf by Kathleen Palm  (Little Red Riding Hood)

Fall Again by Summer Wier  (The Swan Princess)

Corbin and the Beast by Sarah Remy  (Beauty and the Beast)

Agrabah: The 7th Gate of Hell by Carly Drake  (Aladdin)


Challenge 4: Shifty Stories


The Ugly Game by T.A. Brock (The Snow Queen & The Ugly Duckling)

Shifting Seas by Melody Winter  (The Fisherman and His Wife)

Becoming Ursula by CC Dowling (The Little Mermaid)

Together by Kathleen Palm (Snow White & Rose Red)

Earlobe by Debra Vega (Little Red Riding Hood)

The Merry Wolves of Nottingham by Carly Drake (Robin Hood)


This put us at a grand total word count of 93,000!


The Runner-Ups who will appear right here on the REUTS Blog:


The Dragon’s Tinder by Brian W. Taylor (Snow White)

Ballrooms and Bloodlust by Rachel Schieffelbein (Cinderella)

Family Obligation by Alessa Hinlo (Rapunzel)

Dusted by T.A. Brock (Peter Pan)

A Twist of Conscience by Samantha Redstreak (Pinocchio)

Untitled by Debra Vega (The Little Mermaid)

No Need for Crowns by Ashley Bacon (Cinderella)

Love of Death by Mandy Springer  (Godfather Death)

Rise by Brian Heil (King Arthur)

The One That Got Away by Ryanne Kap (The Pied Piper)

Liar, Liar by Kathleen Palm (The 12 Dancing Princesses)

Shooting Star by Tiffany Rose (Anastasia/The Little Match Girl)

Raising Supernatural Hell by Carly Drake (Anastasia)

To Love a Zombie by Kimberly Graff (Beauty and the Beast)

Red Revenge by Caity H. (Alice in Wonderland)

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing by Alyce Wilson (Alice in Wonderland)

Rose by Sarah Remy (The Little Match Girl)

Jack and the Zombiestalk by Tara Creel (Jack and the Beanstalk)

Bloodwish by CC Dowling (Aladdin)

Breath of Death by Melody Winter (The 12 Dancing Princesses)

Oddly Timed Bell by Felicia Anderson (Rapunzel)

The Brodgar Ring by Brian Taylor (Sleeping Beauty)

Thirteen Petals by Tonia Marie Harris (The Rose)

Silver Hands, Silver Tongue by T.A. Brock (The Girl with Silver Hands)

Part of Your Underworld by Felicia Anderson (The Little Mermaid)

Unnatural by Sam Hardy (Snow White)

The Deal by Michelle Hoehn (Cinderella)

The Devil’s Match by Melody Winter (The Little Match Girl)

Fire by Amy Michele (Beauty and the Beast)

One by Summer Wier (Hansel & Gretel)

Red by Ryanne Kap (Little Red Riding Hood)

Grimm Consequences by Samantha Redstreak  (Hansel & Gretel)

The Nightingale by Alexandra Perchanidou (The Nightingale)

When You Go into the Woods Tonight by Sam Hardy (Hansel & Gretel)

The Angel and the Wolfman by Michael Signorile (The Angel)

Balance by Tiffany Rose (Peter Pan)


Winners and runner-ups, stay tuned for an email from the REUTS team!

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  1. Kathy Palm
    January 31, 2014

    Thank you so much! This experience has been so fun! I am looking forward to working with you on edits.
    *muppet flail*

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  3. Meg Faulkner
    January 31, 2014

    Thank you; I’m flattered and I look forward to working with you and reading the anthology.

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