PRW 2014 Winners & Runner-ups!

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A lot of you have been anxiously awaiting this day. January 31st. At first glance, the date doesn’t seem special, but for those who participated in the second annual Project REUTSway competition last November, today is both an exciting and nerve-wracking day. You’ve been waiting since we traveled the world—from the blistering desert heat of EGYPT, to the cultural and colorful myths of ASIA, and everywhere in between.

Now we’re back. In the comforts of our homes. Waiting for the final announcement.

And, guess what? The time has finally come to reveal both the winners and runner-ups.

BUT, before that, the REUTS team and judges all would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the many authors who gave time out of their week to write a short story within our whacky prompts. Without YOU, there would be no US. So, thank you!

All right, no more stalling. Scroll down to see the winners & runner-ups!

(No particular order— this does not reflect the final arrangement in the anthology)


Week 1: Write Like an Egyptian

The Century Room by Debra Vega

Sandstorm by Melody Winter

Reborn by Summer Wier

The Second Greatest Mage in New Egypt by Scott Hughey

Feather of Stone by CC Dowling


Week 2: Fiction of the Fair Folk

If Loving Coffee is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right by Scott Hughey

The Gravedigger’s Daughter by Summer Wier

Pook-A-Boo by Shawn Thomas Anderson

Ms. Merilee’s School for Morgens and Merrows by CC Dowling

Knock Knock by Michelle Hoehn

Marry-Go-Round by Felicia Anderson

A Fae’s Lost Child by Alexandra Perchanidou

The Morrigan by N.H. Fennecus


Week 3: Drafting With Phoenix Feathersl

Shrine Road by Drew Hayes

Princess Yuki and the Ten Plates by Felicia Anderson

The Rooster’s Crow by Debra Vega

Price to Pay by Kathleen Palm

Curse of the Winter Moon by Jennifer McCoy

The Iron Lotus by CC Dowling

The Lure of the Night Parade by Shawn Thomas Anderson


Week 4: Romanian Relics Rewritten

Mis-Stake-En Identity by Scott Hughey

Vuk, Nerine, and the Dragon by Melody Winter

A Token of Childhood by Summer Wier

The Sword of the Lost Tsar by Alexandra Perchanidou

The Night of the Lark Moon by Shannara Johnson

Vasilisa XXIII by Shawn Thomas Anderson



The Runner-Ups who will appear right here on the ProjectREUTSway and REUTS Blog:

Heavy Hearted by Michelle Hoehn

Nut, The Forever Lonesome Sky Goddess by Alexandra Perchanidou

Simplicity by Christine K.

Khnum, Creator of People by Alexandra Perchanidou

A Planet of Rubies by Kara Terzis

That Which Came Before by Drew Hayes

The Red Slipper by Megan Wilson

Steal Her Heart by Felicia Anderson

Bizarre Love Pyramid by Shawn Thomas Anderson

Rebirth by Kathleen Palm

The Book of Thoth by Carly Drake

Darling So it Goes by Tiffany Rose

Scream by Sam Hardy

Not Just Any Girl by Jennifer McCoy

The Gift of Avalon by Megan Wilson

Freedom by Mandy Springer

My Lady’s Wish by Melody Winter

Wisdom and War by Kathleen Palm

Die Theta Kappa by Michelle Hoehn

Lady of the Lake by Summer Wier

Princess of Foxes by Alexandra Perchanidou

Monkey Qi, Monkey Do by Scott Hughey

Tricking Time by Mandy Springer

Heart of Ice by Kathleen Palm

St. Andrei by Sam Hardy

Look at What the Wolf Dragoned in by CC Dowling

Congratulations to our winners, runner-ups and all participants! We always have a ton of fun putting on the Project REUTSway Competition, and can’t wait to add another anthology to our collection! And don’t worry, we’ll be hosting PRW for another year! Keep an eye out for announcements in the coming months.

Winners— Contracts will be emailed to you within the coming weeks. Please keep a lookout for them, and make sure any email addresses are added to your contacts so they don’t go straight to spam.

Runner-Ups—  An email will be sent out regarding your participation in the PRW Runner-Up Tour, posted on the PRW & REUTS blog.

Thank you!

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