REUTS Camp Nano Teams!!

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It’s time, REUTIES! Time to find your team, and start reporting. You’ll see we’ve split everyone into fairly even teams based on genre, and assigned you to a REUTS team member who is writing, or familiar with, that genre. Reporting each week is easy. Every Sunday simply email your current word count with your Team Leader’s Name in the subject. Done!

Since this is a team effort, we need each team member to be punctual with their WC reporting. We’ll allow you two (2) days leeway to report your WC. This means you technically have until Tuesday, but we’d really prefer you get it in the designated day: Sunday. This also means that if you don’t get your WC in by Tuesday, we (sadly) have to remove you from the team you’re on 🙁 We don’t want to, really! But because your team is counting on you and your additive word count, we have to be strict. So, basically, keep on it, and everything will go smoothly!

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for… the teams!

Kate & Veronica’s Team:

  • Maureen T.
  • Emily T.
  • Kelsey
  • Callum S.
  • Jasmeet G.
  • Zara H.
  • Sabine K.

Jessica & Ashley’s Team:

  • Ramisa R.
  • Beth M.
  • Jessica D.
  • Tonette d-L.
  • JC R.
  • Cary D.
  • Talynn L.

 Kisa’s Team:

  • Sam E.
  • Ryanne K.
  • Tanya L-R.
  • Angela V-C.
  • Florentine L.
  • Anna A.
  • Amber S.
  • Drew H.


Remember: Your Team Leaders are there to help and support you throughout this month. Feel free to come to them with questions, looking for advice or suggestions. Just email with “Team Leader’s Name + Help!” in the subject, and we’ll be there for you!
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