#REUTS Photo Challenge

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You know what I think may help? A nice refreshing walk in the park. All that cool, crisp, air. Not everyone is able to flee to the woods however, so let’s bring some sunlight to where we are with a photo challenge.


If you’ve never done one before, I’ll explain. Each day you take a photo based on the prompt. Let’s start tomorrow (Feb 1st) with nature. Heading to the park for pokeballs and a pretty snap shot sounds nice, but maybe I end up stuck at home so instead just take a photo of a cover with trees. On Feb 2nd, maybe I feel like posing with my newest YA favorite. The prompts are simply suggestions to get you going. Work it any way that brings a smile to your face.

Photo challenges are most popular on Instagram, but I’ll be watching for your #REUTS posts there as well as on twitter, and tumblr. Please feel free to re-post the graphic above anywhere that is handy to you!


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