REUTS signs Laurel Amberdine’s debut YA Fantasy Novel: LUMINATOR

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In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.
{Francis Bacon}

Light versus dark is a common contradiction, with light being seen as good, and darkness bad. But what happens when the opposite is true, and light becomes deadly? That’s what happens in Laurel Amberdine’s (represented by Eric Smith at P.S. Literary) debut novel LUMINATOR, and we’re so excited to share that both her and it are now part of the REUTS family. Written with action, heart and imagination, Luminator fits nicely with comp REUTS titles Link by Summer Wier and Flux by Ellie Carsten, and will also appeal to fans of Rossi’s Under the Never Sky and Carson’s Girl of Fire and Thorns. Enjoy this tidbit of insight into Laurel’s world:

Set in a world where nations wage an endless war over an island that produces deadly magical light, a young Luminator with the ability to manipulate that light, and a rebel with a heart set on peace, must join forces to save their realm while wrestling with growing feelings for one another. Amberdine whisks readers to the Inner Sea, where all islands are magical, much like the writing itself.

Download the full press release here.

Give Laurel a big, warm welcome on  Twitter or her website! While you’re at it, Eric could use some love, too, so you can bombard his Twitter at the same time 😉

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