Rewind: A SOUL TO TAKE cover reveal

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If you missed it, this past Tuesday blogs across the interwebs helped us reveal the cover for our next title, A SOUL TO TAKE by Emily Taylor. A Soul To Take will be out April 29th in electronic format, and May 13th in paperback. So, to continue spreading the love, we’d like to rewind this cover reveal by sharing it with you on our blog. See below for the blurb and the art, and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think!

Back Cover Blurb:

Dying is the least of Elixia’s worries.

The world has changed. Demons are no longer legend, but part of life, integrated into our society . . . or so the Government claims. Things are never that simple, though, and neither side favors the new union. Agent Elixia Albelin knows the dark nature of demons firsthand, and will do everything in her power to protect the innocent from their wrath.

But when a mission from the Agency goes sour, Elixia finds herself in a predicament. Murdered, with her last living family-member kidnapped, her only hope is an offer from the very thing she despises: a demon. It’s no ordinary demon offering the contract, though, and his motive for such a deal is unclear. But if she’s to discover the truth and save her sister, she must commit the greatest taboo for an Agent:

Sell her soul.

Now, Marked and shackled to the terms of the contract, she must try to uncover the mystery of her sister’s abduction before her new “owner” comes to claim what is his. Her past may hold answers, but what happens when her investigation finds something far more sinister? Something not even the demons can condone?


Cover Art:

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