The submission window is closing…

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… temporarily, that is. In an attempt to be fair to our current submitters, we will be closing our submission window from April through August 2014. This means you have about two weeks to submit before the the form comes down.

Since our inception, we’ve received hundreds of submissions, and many are still waiting to hear back from us. Closing our submissions was something we never wanted to do. However, in the name of getting back on track, it’s something we have to do. Don’t worry, we’re going to try to keep this a one-time thing.

We will re-open submissions in September 2014.

Remember, you can join our Mailing List (via the form at to be the first to know if the submission window opens sooner than expected.

Thank you again to all those who have submitted, or are thinking of submitting. We love our friends, fans and authors, and truly wouldn’t exist without you.

In the meantime, stay tuned for A Soul to Take by Emily Taylor, coming out April 29, 2014. Need a teaser? The cover will be revealed March 18!


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