#ThankAnEditor Day — Sunday, February 5th, 2017!

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It’s one of my favorite days of the year. No, seriously. The day—the fifth of February (not to be confused with the fifth of November, also one of my favorite days; also not to be confused with Superbowl Sunday)—is special to me, and to those who edit for REUTS. One year ago, I dubbed February 5th Thank an Editor Day, because so often the editors of our community aren’t acknowledged as they should be. It was also a day when REUTS made a promise to you, the readers, and our wonderful editors: Every book published from here on out will feature an “Edited by_____” spot in the copyright page. Cover artists, photographers, musicians and interior formatters are thanked—why not editors?

To continue spreading the love and gratitude, we want to shout from the social media mountain tops how thankful!


So, please join us in five days (February 5th, 2017!) in thanking the editor who championed your book. The editor who saw the jumbled pieces, and stitched them whole. The editor who may know your story even better than you know yourself. Thank them, and all the hard work they’ve done for this community and the publishing industry as a whole. Use the hashtag #ThankAnEditor to do so, or overlay one of the images below on your book cover and tag your editor! Or both!

thankaneditor-overlay1 thankaneditor-overlay2(Right-click + save the image, or drag it onto your desktop to use.)

Here are some examples of how the overlay will look over a book cover:

overlay-example-fred overlay-example-gambit

Remember: #ThankAnEditor day is

Sunday, February 5th, 2017!


And, as always, here at REUTS, we’re absolutely thankful for all the editors on our team ::hugs::


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