#ThankAnEditor–They Deserve It

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Notice something new in REUTS books?

It won’t club you over the head, but the subtlety of this addition is important and—unfortunately—not a universal practice… yet.

From here on out, any books published at REUTS will feature additional content on the copyright page, namely the recognition the editors, who poured their hearts and souls into making sure these books are up to publishing perfection, deserve. That’s right. All too often editors are hypothetically pushed to the back burner in regards to their contribution to a book. Acquisitions and Editorial Director Kisa Whipkey touched on this concept on her personal blog not too long ago, and that’s when it hit me, and I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t realize it sooner. REUTS strives to better the industry, to set the curve, so to speak. So why, in an industry that doesn’t acknowledge its editors on the copyright page*, why wouldn’t REUTS do something to change that?

That’s the very question I asked myself, and the reason for the change.

So, you will now see something like this on the copyright page:

Edited by ______

More than one editor may be listed, a further proof that so many hands touch each project. Hands that should never go overlooked. We’re hoping our publishing cohorts choose to do the same—and, why not? There’s plenty of room on a copyright page to add one additional line, giving credit where credit is due.

We’re grateful for all our editors do. And, because nothing else like it exists (there is a National Word Nerd Day on January 9th, but that’s not exactly the same…) REUTS would like to hereby declare February 5th …

Thank An Editor Day

So join us in thanking an editor—any editor, they’re all deserving!

Here at REUTS, we’re absolutely thankful for all the editors on our team ::hugs::

*There are those rare occasions a publisher does include this information. But, like I said, it’s not common practice. So help us make it common practice!

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