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It’s been a while since we’ve made one of these posts. Not because we haven’t been busy with our submissions (our friends and fans keeps us plenty busy, and we love it!), but because we’ve been busy with our submissions. And so, this post is a conglomerate of quite a few months of awesome. I mean, all months are months of awesome, but I think you’ll agree that these last few have been really awesome. . . and here’s why!

REUTS is welcoming four (yes, you read that right: FOUR) new authors to the REUTS family. We’re so excited, and can’t wait for you to meet both the authors and their wonderful stories.

Jessica Dall

Jessica is no noob to the publishing world. She runs her own writer-friendly blog HERE, and has had quite a few books already published, like her newest: The Copper Witch. Her first title with REUTS (currently Untitled) is one we can promise you’ve never seen. To make a long story short, it addresses the question: what if your characters exist outside of your novel, and are just waiting for you to start writing their story? It’s nothing short of amazing, and an unique literary experience.

Find Jessica on Twitter, Facebook or Goodreads!


Carys Jones

Our second author from our friends across the pond!  We’re excited to welcome Carys to our family, and her YA novel to our collection (currently Untitled). Carys does an amazing job weaving together the relationship within a broken home, and the struggles of a young girl dreaming of… you guessed it (but probably not)… Armageddon. Yah, I said it. Her debut with REUTS is an exciting, fantastical tale that’ll keep you guessing until the very end… and then you’ll just want more (we did!)

Find Carys on Twitter and Facebook!


Melinda Michaels

Melinda provided us with the novel we’ve been waiting for— a dark fairytale retelling! And, not the fairytale you’d expect. Her REUTS debut, titled Golden, takes us into the world of Goldilocks and the three bears, and she does so in the most unexpected of ways. And, that’s just the start! She has an entire series made up of fairytale retellings that we just can’t wait to get our hands on and release to the public. Maybe this is even the start to a mini-REUTS imprint? Mayhaps? We’ll let you know 😉 For now, we’re excited to add Melinda and her wild and active imagination to the REUTS family!

Find Melinda on Twitter and Facebook!


Melody Winter

Melody has been an active and loyal REUTie from the very beginning, and we’re so happy to expand the relationship by publishing her debut novel, Sachael Dreams. Melody is our third author from across the pond, and her local settings make us want to buy a ticket and visit Ravenscar ASAP (not kidding). Prepare to enter a completely new mythology, a twist on mer-people: Sachaels. We’ve been told they’re also considered sea angels, and that perfectly describes the characters she has created.

Follow Melody on Twitter!

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  1. Kenneth Creech
    May 18, 2014

    COngrats to all four, some of those books sound amazing! I’m especially excited to hear more about Jessica’s book as that is something I think about my characters all the time. “What if they were just waiting around for me to write their next move?” It helps keep me going when it seems so much easier to do anything other than write. Looking forward to seeing more about all of these new additions!


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