What Editors Look For: Character Development

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What Editors Look for: Character Progression

Do you want to be the exact same person at the end of your life as you were at the beginning? Do you want everyone you know to stay exactly as they are and never change? No? I should hope not. People should change and grow. And so should characters.

There are exceptions to every rule, but fictional characters need development. In some occasions, that development is the whole story (think Ebenezer Scrooge). In many cases, you’ll find the MC begins with some sort of flaw hindering them from accomplishing their goals, and throughout the progression of the novel they’ll overcome that flaw.

In this way, you can begin a novel with a less than perfect character, but the reader knows that throughout the book the character will learn some hard lessons and become a better person. For examples, look at:

Han Solo in Star Wars: When we first meet him, Han only looks out for number one. But by the end of the trilogy, he’s risking his life to win the war. Sure, we love him when we first meet him, but we love him even more when he matures.

Rose in Titanic: Rose is a limp noodle about to throw herself over the rail in the beginning of Titanic. Thanks to Jack and the life to which he exposes her, she becomes a feisty woman who takes control of her life and spurns her nasty fiancé.

Simba in The Lion King: This progression is probably the easiest to follow because we watch Simba grow up. As a child, he “just can’t wait to be king” because he wants to be the boss and do whatever he wants. But he comes to realize that kingship is a responsibility and an honor, and that culminates in the gorgeous scene when he ascends Pride Rock (I really love this movie, in case you couldn’t tell).

As I said, there are always exceptions, but editors and readers alike want to see story characters grow and change and become someone greater/braver/smarter/nicer than who they once were.

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