What’s in a name?

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That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.


We often get the question, “What the heck is a REUTS? To REUTS? Have REUTS? Seriously, what the heck?!”

Ok, maybe not exactly stated like that. But we still get the question on a frequent basis wondering how a name like REUTS came to be.

rootsThe idea behind the name REUTS, which is just a funny (or awesome) way to spell “roots,” relates back to the roots of a plant being its foundation. The plant gets nutrients, water, life from the roots. And so that’s what REUTS is to an author– we’re the roots. We provide everything needed for that plant (story) to come to life. The nutrients– solid editing made to the manuscript, the water– a family relationship between author & publisher where you can come to us with anything, the life– everything packaged together for a finished product.

We also tend to use the phrase “Get REUTED in a good book” to refer to that feeling (you know what I’m talking about). The feeling when you get completely sucked in to a book. Your surroundings disappear, and the story unfolds.


Holes by Louis Sachar | REUTS Blog

For me, my first experience when I felt “rooted” in a book was back in 5th grade. My weapon of choice? Holes by Louis Sachar.  I distinctly remember sitting in class and feeling as if everything around me went black. Then, somewhere in the corners of the room, the sweet scent of onions wafted towards me. I found myself salivating. Now, what 5th grader likes onions? It wasn’t a matter of me, personally– I began to want what the characters wanted, feel what they felt.

I became lost.

We know that’s the exact same feeling our readers will feel when they open up and delve in to a REUTS novel. Let everything go black, reach for the onion, and take a bite.


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